Bribe Nestle Sin



   My art is my complete truth. I do my best to put every ounce of myself into each piece of artwork I make. The world is such a dishonest place, I can only hope that my art resonates because it is honest and pure. That is all I ever strive for: to express myself honestly and make others feel something, even if it is painful to feel. I am an advocate of mental health and believe that self-expression is a crucial means to get by emotionally in life, even if the rest of the world somehow frowns upon it.  

   Collaboration is the lifeblood of art, and I have been lucky to work with very talented people. It is genuinely a pleasure and a treat for me to meet good people who seek to express themselves in the pure and honest way that I do.

   I don’t think I can fix the world. I don’t even think I can put a dent in the inherent evil that manifests itself in humanity. But I do believe that by being honest and by striving to express myself fully that I can make the world a marginally better place, whether that is naive or not. Hopefully my work makes you feel something.


   Most of the time, I opt to create digital art because of the power of the software I use. Often I will use techniques to produce almost random visual representations. For example, I love to use “content-aware replace” in Photoshop, which uses pattern recognition to fill in highlighted areas. It is completely out of my hands what the computer will produce. Sometimes I like the result and continue, other times I undo and try again. The versatility and ease of digital art appeals to me, but often I will be able to make digital images that I’d never be able to do by hand with markers.

   Digital art really appeals to my imagination because there are infinite possibilities in digitally altering an image. Even things I can’t conceive can be produced by accident digitally. There is incredible power in that ability to express that I love with all my heart. While I expect to explore new mediums as my life goes on, I will always be a major proponent of digital art and will always use it to express myself.


Bribe Nestle Sin


   Initially in my young adult life, I sought out a corporate job that I thought would earn me approval and the respect of high society. I thought it was important to thrive within our collective system in order to change the way people thought of me. I cared way too much. I was living a false life and on top of that, I was getting very little fulfillment from it. It seemed like my entire purpose was to do the bidding of men I didn’t respect. It felt like my entire existence was a charade. I had trouble looking at myself in the mirror, but I worried about what my parents would think if I left my job. My heart simply wasn't in what I was doing, but I was scared to make a change. Eventually, I reached a breaking point. I felt so vehemently dissatisfied with the world around me, and with my own life, that my only course of action was to completely withdraw. I quit my job and decided to try something new. I needed to find another way through existence that made more sense for me.

    I became a full-time artist in September 2016. It started as merely an attempt to run away from the world. But it has turned into something much more important than that. For me, self-expression is really the only tool I have. Being honest and telling the truth is what matters the most to me. A lot of people avoid speaking in truths, which is what emboldens me the most. It shouldn’t be like this. I want to tell the truth no matter what and communicate difficult emotions. I feel like this is one of the only ways I can contribute something positive to the world and to my own mental health.

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    I am quiet and unassuming most of the time. I think it has led to people not expecting much from me. Especially in a group setting -- even when I feel I have something to say or something to contribute, my default behavior is to withdraw. No matter which paths I have explored on earth, almost all of them have led me back to square one: feeling like I have something to say but no one who wanted to listen.

   Art became, for me, my own escape where I could do whatever I wanted. I didn’t care who else was listening because I only wanted to please myself. It started from there and has become something else entirely: my whole life. This is all I do now. I make art. It’s the only thing that means anything to me and it’s my way of saying whatever I need to say.

   Drawing is what feels most natural to me. I have enjoyed drawing with markers since I was very young. At times I would lose touch with drawing, but time and again I would return to it, especially during periods where I struggled with mental health. Drawing for me is direct access from my heart onto paper. The drawings I make are the truest representations of the thoughts and feelings I experience.

   Digital art picks up wherever drawing leaves off. If there are things I feel I cannot express with markers, I pivot to Photoshop. Sometimes it’s because I think drawing doesn’t adequately capture what I want. Other times it’s that I feel I simply don’t have the skill to produce what I want to with markers.